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Since the company's inception in 1988, the mission of Rhino Linings Corporation has been to develop top-quality proprietary, high performance polymers. Rhino Linings takes pride in developing protective coatings products that time and again dominate the spray on lining market for industrial, commercial and retail applications. 


As the brand name leader in the sprayed-on truck bed liner industry, consumers have come to know and trust Rhino® protective coating quality, strength and durability. Due to Rhino's strong brand presence and expansion of product lines, the company has continued to experience solid growth with each passing year.


The Rhino Linings® network consists of more than 2,000 applicators and contractors in more than 80 countries around the world. With top-performing polymer formulations, state-of-the-art application equipment and the quality hallmark of ISO 9001:2008 registration, Rhino Linings will continue to set the standard in the protective coatings and building product industries.

Rhino Linings offers World-Class Protection™ and continues to contribute substantial investments in distribution centers throughout North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. With these distribution centers, Rhino Linings is able to provide a stream-lined inventory model and prompt shipments to all locations across the globe, regardless of quantities required. Clients enjoy confidence in uninterrupted material supply.


Today, a growing number of domestic and international applicators and distributors offer Rhino Linings specialized formulations, comprehensive system packages, practical experience and professional support...all elements necessary to create mutually-successful long-term business relationships. 



Technical Specifications

Tuff Stuff® polyurethane is a two-component, 100% solid (no VOCs), fast-curing, elastomeric polyurethane coating system. It provides high film build, excellent abrasion resistance, excellent weather resistance along with good resistance to chemical and process environments. TUFF STUFF® has high tensile strength, elongation and tear strength properties.

Rhino Linings' proprietary chemical formula and spray equipment yield a protective surface unlike any available on the market today.

Definition of PBD Terms

Listed below are definitions and additional information on the terms and reported numbers found on the product data bulletin above.

Shore A Hardness

This test involves the penetration of a specific shaped point when forced onto the elastomer surface. "Shore A" specifies the type of durometer. This test permits hardness measurements based on initial indentation and/or indentation after a specified time period. The reported value of 95 Shore A is for an initial reading.

Tensile Strength

The reported tensile strength is the force required to stretch the elastomer in one direction. The reported value is 1750 psi at break. In other words, 1,750 pounds could be suspended from a one-inch-square rod before failure.


This is the distance the material can stretch before failure. 100% elongation implies that a sample can be stretched to twice its original length before breaking. 200% elongation means the sample can be stretched to three times its original length before failure occurs. The higher the elongation, the more elastic the material.